studioA Nuremberg

With the realization of the "Bindergass-Theke" in the heart of Nuremberg, we have accomplished a long-term architectural dream: A spaciously sprawling ensemble of rooms creates a unique event location with plenty of room for our new studio on the upper floors.

studioA Architekturvisualisierung in Nürnberg

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studioA Frankfurt

The "Palazzo Cubico" is one of the results of Florian Bauer's former architectural activities (Bauer.Bernjus Architekten, 2000-2005) Since 2014, we have moved our headquarters to Nuremberg yet still have a smaller office at "Palazzo Cubico". For short-term meetings and on-site photos, we also cooperate with a partner visualization team in Frankfurt.

studioA Architekturvisualisierung in Frankfurt

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studioA Hong Kong

In December 2010 Michael Bernhard had an idea: Actually, it should be possible to work from any location in the world, as long as an appropriate broadband internet connection would be available. First destination was Hong Kong - probably one of Asia's most international cities. Originally planned was to stay for about three to six months - by now studioA Hong Kong has become a permanent address. Despite the six hours time difference are we within reach for our European clients during their local business hours (German phone number).

studioA Architekturvisualisierung in Hong Kong

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